Rise and Shine with Papa's Pancakeria

After searching high and low for your pet, you get a surprise call from Papa Louie. He's been taking care of your pet at his latest restaurant, Papa's Pancakeria. You quickly drive to Maple Mountain only to find your pet and a note from Papa Louie. Soon you find yourself knee deep in batter as you try to run the shop until Papa Louie returns. This latest game features pancakes, waffles and french toast along with a variety of new and returning customers in search of the best breakfast around. The time-management and hands-on gameplay of the series is back, with new challenges related stacking, arranging toppings and pouring syrup. Closers, badges, and tons of furniture are back and better than ever. New to the series, is a traveling game-show hosted by the Great Foodini! He stops by at the end of every day with a new mini-game to play. However Foodini only accepts special tickets that are earned throughout the day. Each ticket gives you a chance to play his daily game and possibly win over 95 unique prizes. Also new to the series is a very special Drink Station that can be unlocked that will add to the growing challenge of juggling your customers orders.

  • Time-management cooking sim in the Papa Louie universe
  • All-new pancake stacking mechanics
  • Unlock a variety of toppings, syrups, and ingredients
  • Over 50 unique customers to serve
  • 7 fun Mini Games with 98 prizes to win
  • 80 in-game achievements to earn
  • Fully customizable lobby, with close to 100 items to purchase
  • Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up
  • Free to play online!



Running the Grill
Drag the batter ladle onto the grill to pour a new pancake. Most customers want a few pancakes with their order, so be sure to add enough pancakes to the grill. On the left side of each pancake is the Flip Meter, which shows how well the top and bottom of each pancake is cooked. On the right side of each pancake is the Time Meter, which shows how long until the pancake is done cooking. When a pancake is halfway finished cooking (and the Flip Meter shows a bright orange color), it's time to flip that pancake to cook the other side. Click on a pancake to flip it. When the Time Meter is full (and both sides of the Flip Meter are orange), drag that pancake onto the Finished Stack to take it off the grill.

You'll soon unlock French Toast as a menu item, which is cooked the same way as pancakes: Drag a piece of toast onto the grill, flip it when ready, and drag it to the Finished Stack when done. You'll also unlock Waffles as a menu item, which can be cooked in the new Waffle Irons above the grill. The Waffle Iron closes after you drag batter into it, and you can click the Waffle Iron to flip it (just like a pancake). When a waffle is done, drag the entire Waffle Iron onto the Finished Stack to pop the waffle out.

After you've mastered all three types of breads, you'll unlock new Grill Mixables. These can be added right into the batter as a pancake is cooking. After you pour batter for a pancake or waffle, drag a scoop of a Mixable onto the batter on the grill or iron. You can also drag Mixables onto French Toast. Make sure you drag the Mixable onto the batter before you flip it -- if it cooks too long, the Mixable can't sink into the batter!

If you're having trouble keeping up with the Grill, you can purchase Grill Timers and Waffle Timers in the Upgrade Shop, which will alert you when it's time to flip or remove something.

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Stacking and Topping
Build up the stack of food exactly how the customer orders!

When you drag and release a topping scoop above the plate, the correct portion of that topping will start to pour out of the scoop. Watch the "target" below on the surface of the food, and try to spread the topping evenly across the surface of pancakes. You'll get a lower score if you pour too much on one side or if it's too sloppy.

After a topping scoop is empty, it will automatically go back to the topping bin. You've put an entire serving of that topping onto the stack, so you don't need to add any more!

Syrups works the same as toppings, so try to get a feel for spreading that syrup evenly across the top of the pancake stack.

Some toppings are individual items that you place on the pancakes, like a pat of butter or slice of banana. When a customer orders many of these (bananas x 3), try to space them and arrange them evenly across the surface of the pancakes.

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Unlockable Drink Station
When you unlock the Drink Station, customers will start ordering drinks along with their waffles and pancakes! Along the top of the Order Ticket, you'll see the Drink Type, Drink Size, and Drink Extra the customer wants.

You can make drinks whenever you want, as long as you have it ready when you give the customer their order! Go to the Drink Station, and choose the Drink Type on the Drink Machine. Next choose the correct cup size, and watch the Meter on the Drink Machine before you hit the Pour Button. If you hit the button when the meter is centered, you'll earn some bonus tip money. After the drink pours, choose the Drink Extra on the Extra Machine, and hit the Pour Button again.

When a drink is finished, it will be set aside in your collection of drinks. You can click on the "My Drinks" button in the Drink Station to see which drinks you've already made.

When you finish an order in the Build Station and click the "Finish" button, your collection of drinks will slide in at the top of the screen. Drag that customer's drink onto the tray before you drag the ticket onto the tray. If you haven't made their drink yet, switch over to the Drink Station and make it now! When you go back to the Build Station, that drink will appear along the top so you can add it to the tray.

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Closers and the Food Critic
Each day of the week, a different "Closer" customer arrives at the end of the day to add an extra challenge. Each Closer is very picky about their order, so serving a good breakfast is tougher! Make sure you do a good job on their order, since their standards are much higher.

Each Closer only comes in once every 7 days, so it's harder to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards for them — so make each visit count!

Jojo the Food Critic comes in once a week as a Closer. He's just as picky as the other Closers, and he also orders something completely different every time he visits. If he likes the breakfast you serve, he'll award your restaurant a Blue Ribbon, which you keep for three days and display in your lobby.

While you have a Blue Ribbon, customers will give you bigger tips since you won the award, so try to make the Food Critic happy each week to keep earning more money!

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Customers, Orders, and Tickets
If a customer waits in line for a while before you take their order, or if they wait a long time for you to make their breakfast, you'll get a lower score. Buy some decorations for the restaurant in the Furniture Shop, and they'll be okay with waiting a bit longer!

Buy the Door Chime from the Upgrade Shop to hear when a new customer enters. You'll also see an icon on the screen showing how many people are waiting in the order line.

Drag order tickets to the side hook to make them larger (easier to read when building orders). For a quick glance, you can also drag a ticket towards the bottom of the screen to zoom in.

Organize tickets however you like on the ticket line. One great technique is to group them by their current state: New orders, on the grill, and waiting to be topped.

Customers will earn a star on their Star Gauge if the total score for an order is 80% or higher. After earning 5 stars, that customer will earn a Customer Award, which gives you more points and more tips on their future orders.

If an order's total score is less than 60%, that customer's Star Gauge will drop to zero. They won't lose any Customer Awards they earned, but you'll have to start working towards the next Award again.

At the start of each day when Cooper or Prudence opens the shop, you'll see the first customer of the day show up outside. If you know what kind of food that customer likes, you can quickly add it to the grill before taking their order!

The SECOND customer of the day will peek out from behind the building as Cooper or Prudence is opening the shop. If you know what type of food they like, you can get their order started as well, so it could already be cooked by the time they arrive!

Looking to improve your Waiting Score? Lobby upgrades will help, and you can buy various hats to wear while working in the shop. You can switch the hat you're wearing in the "Info" section of the Menu.

Want the customers to place and review their orders faster? When you earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards for each customer, they'll be a lot quicker — so you can get back to work sooner!

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Earning Money for Upgrades
Just like in the Burgeria or Freezeria, you can spend your earned tips on upgrades for your restaurant!

Customers give you tips, and will tip you higher when they've earned Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards. They'll tip EVEN HIGHER when you earn a Blue Ribbon from Jojo the Food Critic each week! Papa Louie also heard that employees don't like working for free, so you now get a paycheck each week. Every time you level up, your wages go up as well!

There are also 80 Badges to earn through achievements in the game, each of which will also give you a reward of extra money to use towards upgrades.

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Decorating the Lobby
You can visit the Furniture Shop before each day to purchase posters and decorations to improve your score! You can buy a variety of posters and decorations, and you can even buy multiples of each. There are also different flooring and wallpapers you can use in your shop.

After you purchase items in the Furniture Shop, press "Decorate Lobby" to start arranging these items any way you like! Furniture items can be placed in certain areas on the floor. If a customer is standing near certain items while they're waiting (like newspaper stands or jukeboxes), they may interact with those items!

Posters can be placed anywhere on a grid on the wall. You can also swap your wallpaper and flooring while decorating your lobby by choosing it from your inventory.

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Mini Games
Each day of the week, the Great Foodini will arrive with his traveling Mini Game Show! You need special Game Tickets to be able to play the Mini Game, which you earn during the workday while completing good orders. There's a different Mini Game to play each day of the week, so you can save your tickets for your favorite game if you like.

Each game plays a little differently, but if you win the mini-game, Foodini will award you with a special piece of furniture or decoration that you can use in your Lobby. Each game has 14 different prizes to earn, and once you earn them all, you'll randomly earn additional prizes from that set. As you earn more prizes though, each Mini Game will get more difficult, so you need to hone your skills to win all of the prizes! Some Mini Games have consolation prizes of extra tip money if you didn't win the game.

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Pancake Parade
Before each day, you can watch a special Pancake Parade featuring all of the customers you've unlocked! Some customers (like the Closers) will walk along the parade in a group, which other special customers (like Roy) will get their own special parade float.

Some customers normally won't appear -- but if they earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, they'll also join in the parade! Keep playing and unlocking more customers to see your parade grow!

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More Questions? For more in-depth coverage of the game, view the in-game Help section by clicking the "Menu" button and then the "Help" button in Papa's Pancakeria!

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Grill StationEdit



French Toast





Chocolate Chip


Topping StationEdit




Choco Chips


Strawberry Halves


Butter Pads



Whipped Cream


Blueberry Syrup


Maple Syrup

Drink Station (Rank 15)Edit



Tea, Coffee, Decaf


Milk, OJ, Cranberry Juice


Cream, Ice, Sugar, Cocoa